Golden Opportunities for 2017 with Luxury Gold

Our carefully crafted luxury journeys make dreams of incredible experiences a reality, allowing your clients to connect with remarkable cultures and faraway lands in ways previously unimaginable. I can proudly say that year after year, our wonderful itineraries only get better. We listen carefully to our guests, making certain our journeys are the very best they can be. The focus on each guest is our north star, guiding us as we expand to new destinations, design new tours and offer even more extraordinary experiences to enjoy. Our team strives for excellence and works passionately to deliver a seamless vacation experience from start to finish. In 2017, our Luxury Gold Collection goes worldwide, venturing to new continents, offering small group journeys, and providing your clients with a wider selection of inspiring travel opportunities. Introduce your clients to a variety of new experiences across Europe, the Americas, India, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. They can explore the Doge’s Palace in Venice on a private, after-hours tour with a Local Expert or join a resident foodie in Hanoi for a tasting tour of its famous street food scene. They can conquer the waters of Sydney Harbor with the crew of an
America’s Cup yacht or participate in an international sustainability project in a local Indian village. Are they looking for an inspirational view? Let them discover the world’s most spectacular landscapes across the coastlines of New Zealand or the Andes of Peru. We endeavor to elevate travel beyond the ordinary, bringing your clients the best escorted experience for the best value. With specialist knowledge of luxury hotels, fine dining and exclusive VIP experiences, we are dedicated to delivering vacations shaped by a family heritage of close to 100 years of travel expertise and a total commitment to service.
- Phil Cappelli

Ultimate Italy Luxury Gold brings the secrets of Italy together to create a truly remarkable vacation. Whether your clients are returning to Italy or visiting for the first time, these experiences will surely satisfy their wanderlust and make their vacation unforgettable.

Vatican City, the Museums & the Sistine Chapel Among the metropolis of Rome lives the tiny, fortified country known as Vatican City. Surrounded by ancient walls and protected by the Swiss Guard, it holds some of the world’s greatest treasures. The impressive architecture of its palazzos and the collection of artwork within them makes a visit to the Vatican Museums a highlight for many travelers. Hundreds if not thousands of globetrotting tourists arrive every day to stand in a line that stretches for nearly a mile. While others waste precious vacation time lingering, Luxury Gold provides the ultimate VIP experience – private, early access to the Vatican Museums, and most importantly, to the elaborate Sistine Chapel, so your clients can admire Michelangelo’s masterfully painted ceiling without the crowds.

A Villa in Tuscany The wide open spaces of Tuscany are a sweet retreat from the bustling city centers. The rustic Italian countryside is famous for spectacular landscapes, warm weather and world-renowned wines. Drive past acres of vineyards and sunflower meadows to Villa le Maschere, your client’s home away from home for three leisurely nights. This grand, late Renaissance, country house traces its origins to the 16th century and was carefully restored to its original magnificence. Delight in local specialty cuisine, robust Chianti and an atmosphere fit for a Medici – the perfect oasis for daily excursions to nearby Florence, Pisa and San Gimignano.

A Feast for the Epicurious. The flavors of Italy are as varied as the country itself, with each region boasting its own unique cuisine. The chefs that inspire and excite our palates are praised equally for the Michelin Stars they earn and the family recipes they perfect. Internationally acclaimed restaurants and neighborhood trattorias both offer authentic dining experiences iconic to Italy. In Rome, visit a boutique pizzeria and sample Italian specialties in a relaxed, family-style setting. Across the Gulf of Naples, incredible vistas match the innovative cuisine of Michelin Chef Salvatore La Ragione. He brings flavors of the Mediterranean to life at Ristorante Mamma, perched atop the glamorous Isle of Capri.

Journey Beyond the Ordinary A Luxury Gold journey to Italy is a thing of beauty. To book your clients, contact Luxury Gold at 800 582 8380 or visit today!

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