Guy Young to open up a new TTC office in New York City.

I have had the pleasure to work for The Travel Corporation for more than 25 years and, for the last ten years, as President of Uniworld.  What an incredible brand.  I am so proud of Uniworld’s reputation for excellence and the amazing team members we have around the world.  I also cherish the many professional and personal relationships I have made with the travel agency community over the last decade.   I thank you for your friendship and support. I am now ready for the next chapter in my career, taking on a new role within The Travel Corporation.  My first priority is to establish a sales office and executive presence on the east coast of the United States.  This undertaking is based on the fundamental understanding of the importance of the travel agency distribution channel to the success of our brands.
We believe that the growth for our brands will come from our travel agency partners. We also believe that we have under served the east coast of the United Sates. In January, we will be opening an office in New York City and, over the next several months, will be hiring 18 sales managers. This is a big investment for The Travel Corporation and underscores our belief in the importance and long term viability and health of our travel agent partners. Our office will be located at 48th Street and Fifth Avenue. I hope that many of you will visit the office when you are in New York. Look forward to seeing you soon!

- Guy Young

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