Contiki: Europe Is Always A Rite Of Passage, But

Europe is always a rite of passage, but
Let’s face it, Europe will always be the number one first-time travel destination for young adults and Contiki has been evolving and perfecting the ultimate Euro trip for over 5 decades.My first trip was to Europe and I’d venture to guess yours was too! But as our world gets “smaller” and more accessible due to the flow of information and technology, not to mention amazing airfare deals, what used to be deemed “exotic” destinations are more popular than ever.

Melissa Da Silva
Bangkok to Singapore Adventure
If you have a slightly more adventurous would-be-traveler, our newest trip in Asia “Bangkok to Singapore Adventure” has it all packed into 14 days – perfect for the young professional with 2-weeks vacation. From the cultural shock of big cities like Bangkok & Kuala Lumpur, to stunning beaches and beautiful jungles (where we stay in tree top accommodation, no less!) and amazing food to sample at each stop.

Iberian Peninsula & Morocco
But if you have a more traditionalist looking to explore Europe this summer, why not send them on a In-Depth Regional trip like our 3 week “Iberian Peninsula & Morocco?” Perfect for recent grads with a little more time to spare, this trip tastes tapas in Spain, party the night away in Ibiza, explore the markets in Morocco and soak in the beauty of Lisbon.
Both of these trips, plus 14 others, are 15% off from 30MAR-02MAY, click here for full details. Or check out for all offers we have available.

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