Online Travel Portal

To better serve you and your clients, TTC’s brands have launched an online travel portal for guests creating one fun, and easy-to-use platform for all their travel information. Here, they can see all of their trip details and through the required registration process, ensure we have all the information we need to provide a personalized and seamless travel experience.

In the unlikely event of an incident, TTC will use registered contact details to directly and immediately contact and account for each traveler.

We use these details to give your client a personalized and hassle-free experience with ease of Document Access via the e-documentation portal, Personalization on trip, from rooming to dietary requirements and Effortless travel for your client from hotel check-ins to passport/security checks.

We offer your client the most up-to-date sharing and networking tools, everything from journal pages to social sharing and online chats with their Travel Director and fellow travelers.


Simply register your booked client on the specific brand’s Manage My Booking portal found on their websites. Participating brands include: Trafalgar, Insight Vacations, Luxury Gold, CostSaver and Contiki.

All travel preferences we receive from travelers will be shared back with you.

Our commitment to you, in addition to saving you time and enhancing your clients trip, is also what we will not do with the data we receive. We will not use that data to solicit clients to book directly with us; we never have and we never will. Details provided will only be used for travel service messaging.

When registering your clients, encourage them to choose e-documentation and we’ll plant a tree in thanks. Learn more about this effort and our partnership with One Tree Planted.