What's New

What’s new with the TTC Family of Brands.

La Belle Vie

Create your very own lasting travel memory with La Belle Vie, the world’s first travel fragrance by Trafalgar. A harmonious blend of delicate white petals and a hint of white grapefruit zest, La Belle Vie will immediately transport you to holiday moments gone by.

TreadRight Gets A New Look

The TreadRight Foundation, a not-for-profit organization created as a joint initiative between TTC’s family of brands, has just launched a new website giving you a new tool to see how we are making travel matter. Travel is an incredible gift. It has the ability to open our eyes to the unique cultures and spellbinding beauty of the natural world. But with this gift comes a responsibility – to protect the world as we know it. At TreadRight, our mission is clear; to have a positive impact on the people and communities we visit, to protect wildlife and marine life, and to care for the planet we call home.

Celebrating Womens History Month

TTC and TreadRight are committed to equality and empowering women has been one of TreadRight’s key missions, supporting a variety of women-ran initiatives throughout the globe. As Women’s History Month comes to a close, here are just a few examples of how TTC and TreadRight family support women in our offices and around the world.